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The easiest way to contact us is by email, and if you have any queries, this method will of course get the fastest response (at 3000 miles per second - so they tell us).
You can also phone us if you need to talk to us directly. The best time for this is between 12 noon and 2pm (GMT), or by arrangement.
Contacting us by post is another method to use, but naturally will take longer for a reply for obvious reasons. We use the post for sending out skin colour-matching kits.

We offer a skin-colour matching service to get your breasts as close to your own skin tone as possible. It's not as important on the separate breasts we manufacture, but it is nice to get them close. On the croptops, it's very important, as a large part of this body product is on display when in public. If you are mad keen on breasts, then we recommend
Please note that all the skin colour-matching is hugely subsidised by us. Other professional prosthetic companies charge up to £250 for a full skin colour match. The total process of colour-mixing/blending of the Mid and Top range breasts can take up to 10 hours of work, not including the work posting samples back and forth. The blending of the Croptop skin colouring can take us up to 20 hours! In fact, as someone pointed out, it takes us longer to prepare an info pack for posting than it takes other companies to mass produce one plastic covered breast form.
People tell us that the breasts we supply are amazing - they should be, with all the effort we put into them (in fact nobody on this planet puts as much work as we do into creating such perfect breasts - and we have files full of letters from customers who tell us how pleased they are with them).
We have quite a few visitors, and one person from the Mid UK who has bought various breast forms over the years (as many people have) came down to see us after reading through our info pack, to see if our breasts were really were as described and show in our photos. After their visit, they had ordered around £1000 worth of products, with another order for £400 thereafter. They said after many years of buying many different types of related products, this was the first time where the product description actually matched products! (You need to be careful because so many companies will tell you all sorts of things or show you false pictures of these products just to get a sale, and if you try and complain - they suddenly become very difficult to get a reply from).

The most popular size ordered is C cup.  Some people have ordered cup sizes which have been larger than is right for them, and the novelty of the (too) large sizes can wear off quite quickly. We can advise on the best size for your body, so you have breasts that suit your body and look right.

If you have little or no experience of 'proper' prosthetic products (not the novelty plastic-covered breast forms, etc.) which are produced by professional medical companies these days, they are not cheap because of the whole complex manufacturing process to create human-looking body products.
The average cost of having a silicone lower arm and hand is around £4000, and a leg from just above the knee is between £6000 and £10,000.  Some people have a few legs - depending on the activity they are about to do (sports etc.).  The body products we produce for non-medical patients are heavily subsidised, most by around 50% and some by up to 75%.  The reason we carry this cost is because we want to allow as many people to benefit from the enjoyment of our products as possible, as we are a medical company in the first instance. We even supply the adhesive at cost!

If you have any questions about anything, email us anytime for more info about the best size for you - we are a very friendly lot and easy to talk to.

We still get emails from time to time from people asking us if the photos on this site are actually 'real'. This amuses us quite a bit, and we consider them as compliments. I suppose that if nobody queried this, we might start to worry than the level of the realism in our body products just wouldn't be good enough for us.
All the photographs you will find on this website are actual/real photos of our products. And almost all all of them have been taken of customers' breasts, either before we posted these off to them, or while they were here in person to collect them.
Quite a number of people seem to have experience of how some other companies show images of their products, but this isn't quite what turns up in the mail. Not so with us. What you see is what you get.
We have a large number of people from across the world stopping by to view this site, and the numbers are growing at an increasing rate as the word gets around. So welcome to the people from about 30 countries. I think some people have translated some of the info on this site into their own languages. At this point in time, we are only going to have our info in English, but maybe in time we might consider other languages as well.
After many requests over the last few months, we have decided to also accept payment by Paypal. This will make it much easier and almost instant for those with a Paypal account, to electronically transfer funds in a safe way. If you would like to pay for our body products in this way, please email us and we can go from there.
If you don't have a Paypal account (as we didn't until a few weeks ago), it is straight forward to set up. Once this process is complete, it takes about a week or so to get your bank to transfer funds into this new account, once you have authorized Paypal to do this.
We are quite impressed with the way that Paypal notifies you about all transactions requested, and keep you updated with the progress thereof.
Any questions about this process, email us anytime.
I suppose it is only natural for someone not to stare at someone else's boobs when there is the chance of embarrassment on both sides, even if the person was obviously a male.
The other 'problem' which probably exacerbated the reason for people not knowing that the breasts were fake, was the fact that our hip-bums (prototype) were modelled on the same person at the same time. These 2 body products are obviously going to go a very long way to convincing the uninformed that the person in front of them is female, and is exactly the effect that we were looking to create with our work.
This was the first time that we have 'road' tested this model of Croptop on the public. This latest version has only small tweaks here and there (with one slightly larger one), but they have enhanced the Croptops even further. This all-in-one cleavage range is just fantastic - even if we say so ourselves...we don't care. These breasts sit so well on the chest, and moves nicely with the upper body.
You can see in the photo above, the way it shows off the breast bones, and the way the Croptop's neck skin blends in with the wearer's neck. People who were examining the top were trying to work out where the joints were, and didn't realise the upper joint was actually around the neck (maybe they thought the breasts had make-up around them to cover their joints - no chance of that!). There was a fair amount of prodding going on to try and see where the top's skin started and stopped. It's sure is fun to intrigue!
Have a look at this picture of one of our female staff. Can you spot 2 things very wrong with the 1st picture
First of all, surely a maid should never be sitting down?!! She's hardly going to be able to get on with her cleaning with her feet up! And secondly, and maybe even a worse crime, she is quite happily enjoying a cup of tea as if she owns the place! Where are earth did she think she was - at a holiday camp?!!! (well, actually she was - but that's not the point!). This is always the way...give them an inch and they take a mile! It was never like this in the old days. And that little dusting stick doesn't exactly look as if it has been overworked in my eyes. What do you think?
Surely she will have to be punished for her (lack of) actions? If you have some ideas on what form this should take - email us with them so we can post them up here.
Why do men find women's cleavage so sexually attractive. Apparently, it's because we all started off as apes.
When we were walking about on all fours, a female's primary sexual organ was her bottom. When she was ready to mate, her bottom would swell up and turned a brighter colour (as opposed to these days when this happens - she has eaten too much).
This got males very excited. But when we developed into bipeds and started walking on our hind legs, the males got a bit miffed that the female bottoms were no longer in their faces, so to speak. So they started developing a sexual mimic of their bottoms on their front sides, or to be precise, their chests.
In other words, to please the males, they developed breasts, round globes like their behinds.
So that's what evolution was for...
They have just let us outside our studio and into the exercise yard for our quick break this year and we have noticed that the leaves are turning brown, which can only mean that the cooler months are approaching as another year end approaches.
We, like most other people we know are always watching our weight, and trying not to be tempted by the voices in our heads that tell us to eat non-healthy foods. It's a permanently hard job to stick to mainly healthy foods, and exercise takes so much effort and willpower. As there is a delay between ordering breasts and receiving them due to the complexities of production, colour matching, and very busy order books, some people tell us that they are using this period as a great incentive to get back into shape, so that
they will have the best chance of creating as close to their ideal image with their breasts in place. Now, where did we put those doughnuts?
Someone emailed us a while back asking if any
'body modifications' would be required regarding
the fitting of the hips we are currently working on (we're not quite sure what they meant by that).

Anyway, it's a case of the same story as the paragraph above, the slimmer the overall body shape, the better the female prosthetics will look on you, so it'll be worth all the sweat and tears to get somewhere towards the universally acceptable stereotyped skinny female.form we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

It's certainly not the case as in this photo we were sent on an extreme case to make your feet narrower to be able to fit into pointy shoes.
You don’t need to chop off anything between your legs...unless you have already!
We have been approached by a large TV company wanting to make a program about our prosthetics. What they seem to be keen on is a program about something like a couple whose wife/girlfriend is actually pregnant, and where we provide prosthetics to that ‘he’ can also be ‘pregnant’. This would be with the use of the cleavage croptop, a pregnant tummy, etc so that ‘he’ can experience as close to the whole preggy thing as his partner does. This would be for next year sometime, so if this might be of interest to you, and if you of child-bearing age age, let us know. Bearing in mind that millions of people would get to see you and be able to poke about in your life, so not something that you could really keep a secret!
Happy New Year to all our customers. Hopefully you had a good break over the Christmas break (unless you had to work) and are being positive about this new year, which is really the only way to be, otherwise everybody brings each other down and the world stops turning. We’ve had emails from people who are pleased that they are involved in this TV hobby, because they say that other than getting involved with the dangerous world of drugs, they can’t get any other real escapism when life throws some rubbish their way.
We are in the early stage of moving to larger offices in the near future, which will make life slightly easier for us as we head into this new decade. Our current (office) address will be fine for all mailed post, and the new address will by on our home page when the time comes. We are hopeful that there will be a facility to be able to do some photo/video shoots in interesting surroundings, especially with the new body prosthetics which will see the light of day in due course.
We have moved office to our new location, a bit more out in the sticks, and nice and peaceful. Just when we thought moving was a huge and stressful time (which it was), we have just had the coldest December in the UK for 100 years. This resulted in many people struggling to get into work with all the icy roads and heavy snow. Our staff are slowly getting their personal/health problems on track.
We are pleased to have moved, and wish everyone well for this New Year.

Our New Address:
We have had a number of enquiries as to whether our main office postal address on our website is correct, because it has no number or street name. This address is accurate and correct. I guess because of the size of the sites in this area (our company owned site is about 15 acres), maybe they are too big (?) to have Street names, etc.
Happy New Year to everyone!
It would be nice to have a normal peaceful year this time around in this crazy world we live in these days. If it is not the financial markets in chaos, then it seems to be the weather, with new records seemingly broken all too often. Talking about money, some governments are pumping money in their economies, some in the 100’s of Billions, or in the case of the US, 2 trillion dollars. We can’t work out who gets this money. You would think that all citizens would get an equal amount to help their local economies, but no such luck. In actual fact, large banks, insurance companies, etc, get this money and in theory it trickles down to us? Sounds like a great idea.
They say that a man or woman without a hobby or interest, is a man or woman without a life. In these crazy times, it is comforting to have a hobby or interest were we can get some escapism either from the normal, boring humdrum, or from the stresses of this mad world we find ourselves in.
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